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U.S. OIL BOOM podcast Interview of  Bob van der Valk, Senior Editor of the Bakken Oil Business Journal, by Brandon DeShaw, PE, Lab Director, Global Energy Laboratories

I recently chatted with a man that I’ll refer to as the “Yoda” of the U.S. Oil boom.
You remember Yoda from the Star Wars movies, right?
  • Spoke in riddles…
  • Elderly and ancient…
  • Hidden humor…
  • Extremely wise…
  • Um, well my guy didn’t really speak in riddles.
But he was very wise and had some fantastic insight into the current shale oil boom going on here in the U.S.

This guy is also a highly paid consultant and gives guidance on where fuel prices are headed.

He is the editor and chief guru for the Bakken Oil Business Journal.

His name is Bob van der Valk, and you can actually listen to all his guidance and the interview that I did.
Yes, I finally have published my first podcast episode, and I’m giving you backstage access before I post it on my website.

I interviewed Bob on topics like the next big oil play (hint: it’s in California of all places). We also talked about how to work your way into the oil business.

He talked about where fuel prices are headed in late 2013, and many other topics that will be interesting to you.

Here is the link to the interview:
If you go there, you can click on the title and the podcast should autoplay. Or you can hit the download link on that page.

Oh yeah, by the way it’s complimentary. I don’t even sell anything (yet) on the podcast.
It should also be listed on iTunes soon, if you want to go there and search for “oil boom” podcast.

Anyway, this interview was a real gem, and I wanted you to get first “dibs” on it.

Thank you,
Brandon DeShaw, PE
Lab Director
Global Energy Laboratories
200 Technology Way
Butte, MT

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