Public Auction of Eastern Montana Private Mineral Ownership Interests

On May 18th +/- 1239.74 total mineral acres located in McCone County will be offered to the public on the auction block.  Montana private mineral ownership holdings have historically been leased and traded through private negotiations. Mineral ownership interests are real property but do not carry the burden of property taxes. There are no costs to owning the mineral interests, and they have the potential to generate income from leases and production. This event should prove to be very interesting to landowners and the oil & gas industry.  Once again the oil patch has another exciting twist!  The Public is invited to attend this event.  The sale will be conducted in Sidney, Montana at the Elks Club on Friday May 18th, 2012 at 7:00 PM (123 3rd Street SW).  Interested parties may contact Russell Pederson of Montana Land Auctions, Inc for more details.  (406) 939-2501 or go to

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